Photo of me standing in front of the US former embassy in Tehran.

I am Bora Mert Alper, developer, amateur photographer, a Turkish student in The University of Edinburgh, and Human After All.




The University of Edinburgh

2017 - 2021

Studying BSc (Hons) Computer Science.


United World Colleges Dilijan


United World Colleges is an education movement founded by Kurt Hahn during the Cold War in 1960 to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. It consist of 15 schools all around the globe, including Dilijan, Armenia, where I study now.

Back then in Turkey, or when I was staying by a host family in Germany, I could only dream of living in such an international and diverse community. In our college, UWC Dilijan, we have around 170 students from ~60 different countries, each comming from different socio-economic backgrounds. It has been truly an eye-opening experience for me so far, thanks to which, I explored my self and widened my world view.

High Level Standard Level
Mathematics English Literature A
Physics Russian AB Initio
Philosphy Theatre Arts

İstanbul Cağaloğlu Anadolu Lisesi

2011-2015 (would be graduated in 2016)

Being established in 1850 during Ottoman Empire, it is the cirst civilian high school in Turkish Republic. Formerly known as "İstanbul Girls' High School", now it's a mixed gender school. When sorted by the score required from nation-wide exams to enter, it's the 5th high school in Turkey.

I studied 4 years there, including the preparation year, where I learned German. For the first time, in CAL, I had the opportunity to experience a foreign culture: We had many German teachers, Herr Sölter being the most memorable one for me, and we had student exchanges ("Schüleraustauch") annualy. At the end of my preparation class, I went to Cologne (Köln) to stay by a host family for two weeks, which was also a great opportunity to experience the German culture from a different and closer perspective.


Also, I can greet you in Armenian, and order bread, cheese, and wine.


As I love experimenting with new things, and reading blogs of programmers and well-written articles, I do programming as a planned activity as well. I have founded Technology Club in UWC Dilijan, and created the website of the school library (if you happen to come to our college, check library.uwcdilijan.local; also let me know!) In addition, you can check my projects at labs.boramalper.org

I am proficient in Python 3.x and have experience with C and Full-Stack Web Programming. Currently I am working on:

I am an ACM member too! http://member.acm.org/~boramalper


The world map, countries I have been are marked blue.

Countries, and cities, I have been in

Trivial Achievements

I might be the first poet of Turkish nationality who wrote a Dadaist poem in Armenian.

I've been on the sixth tallest tower in the world: Milad Tower in Tehran, Iran.

I've managed to stay alive for a few seconds!



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